Big Benefits of Team Travel and Conference Attendance


Travel is a huge component of life for our Thrive Events team. Fortunately, everyone here loves to get out of the office and embrace all the benefits each trip has to offer. At the moment, we’re gearing up for a conference in March. Three to five of our associates will attend, and they will be selected to go based on their leadership potential and eagerness to crush goals. Such an invitation is a big step up for anyone in the Thrive Events office!

In addition to the upcoming conference, Cait and Shelby will be taking a road trip to Prescott. They are highly goal focused as well, so we’re sure they will take control of the opportunity and embrace it for all its benefits. Not only do these awesome individuals love to travel, they love to learn. During the excursion, they will work on their campaign and inventory management abilities, along with customer service skills.

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of travel, prepare for the following as you embark on future excursions:

Less Burnout: Doing the same thing, in the same four walls every day, can really take its toll on your well-being. By visiting a new area and engaging in different activities, you substantially decrease the risk of burnout.

Greater Adaptability: From delayed flights and lost luggage to navigating a new city, traveling presents plenty of challenges. By problem-solving and overcoming each one, you become more adaptable.

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