What to Consider When You Need Motivation


There are many reasons why you might feel a lack of motivation on the job, but there are also many ways you can break through and get back in the groove. Our Thrive Events leaders recommend that you focus on the following essential areas as you look for the extra motivation you need to sustain success.

First and perhaps most obviously, you must determine which project really needs your attention at the moment. Don’t give in to the temptation to multitask, because the results you achieve will be mediocre compared to what you can accomplish when you focus on one important thing at a time.

You also need to decide what times of the day represent your best chances to be productive. Whether it’s right after your first cup of coffee, the hour leading up to lunch, or later in the evening when everyone else is quiet, take full advantage of your sharpest time of day. Plan your days and nights with these specific periods in mind, and block out distractions to ensure optimal productivity.

We at Thrive Events also encourage you to take more breaks throughout the day if you want to be more productive. You will find it much easier to focus if you take a few minutes every hour to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

Use these tips from Thrive Events to find motivation when you need it, and visit us at thriveeventsinc.com for more helpful suggestions.