Easy-to-Use Public Speaking Strategies

Becoming confident public speakers is something we’re working toward around the Thrive Events office. Although it comes more naturally to some than others, we’ve found that the following basic strategies give us the best chance to make a strong impression on our listeners.

First, being prepared is the ultimate advantage when it comes to making an effective speech. We practice through a variety of methods, including recording ourselves and using practice audiences. The feedback we receive from these techniques helps us refine our vocal styles and body language.

Knowing as much as possible about our audience is another important step toward giving a standout presentation. When we can tailor our remarks to the interests and needs of our listeners, we put ourselves in positions to impress. We use LinkedIn and company websites to learn useful information about our listeners before every Thrive Events speech.

We’ve also found it helpful to speak publicly as often as we can. Whether it’s a brief presentation at a company meeting, a longer speech at a conference, or even a meeting with a local Toastmasters group, we refine our speaking styles with every new effort. The confidence we build along the way is hard to develop through any other methods.

These strategies have helped us become proficient public speakers.