Giving Back Doesn’t Always Mean Donating Money

Our Thrive Events culture has always maintained a philanthropic element. We’re intrigued by teams that find new ways to give back to their communities, especially when they don’t involve financial donations. Here are a few novel ideas we’ve come across for supporting good causes without spending a lot of money.

Opening unused office space for nonprofits is one unique strategy for supporting good causes. Most charitable groups have tight budgets, and they would welcome the chance to have a solid workspace. Companies that have invited nonprofits into their buildings have benefitted from the exchange of skills and insights that occurred along the way.

Donation drives within the office are also good ways for companies to give back without stretching their budgets. People enjoy the process of collecting items such as blankets, toys, pet supplies, and winter clothing, building stronger morale as they go. Team Thrive Events enjoys reading about the differences these types of donations make in people’s lives.

Using skills to directly help worthy causes is another easy way for companies to make a real impact. Nonprofits can always use help with marketing, PR, and other professional services. Those who volunteer their expertise get to build upon their skills and gain fresh perspectives on the value of their work.

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