How to Build a Meaningful Network

Networking is a key element of any successful career, but you can’t just build the largest possible contacts list and be done with it. You should build meaningful relationships if you want to reach your highest career goals, and our Thrive Events leaders have a few tips to help you do so.

One thing you have to do is bring a genuine purpose to any request for help. You can’t expect to receive assistance for just any old objective, so we at Thrive Events encourage you to align your requests with mutually beneficial outcomes every time.

You must also put your ego aside if you want to forge meaningful and productive connections with other professionals. Be your authentic self and refrain from embellishing your achievements as you meet new people and add them to your network.

It’s important to respond quickly when someone does offer you some type of assistance because you can’t afford to delay when you have a chance to forge a deeper relationship. Take the same approach when you’re asked for a favor, whether or not you can actually provide the help someone else needs. Don’t let other people wait around wondering if you can be of assistance; give them quick and honest answers so they can move on to other options if necessary.

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