Thrive Events January Spotlight: Wyatt


What part of working at this company do you enjoy the most?
I think that the part of the company that I enjoy the most is definitely the growth! I really do get to choose how fast I can make it through the program, and learn a lot of really great information from some REALLY great people!

What have you learned from working at this company?
This is a never ending answer, I started with absolutely no background knowledge of any sort of marketing or business and there is always something to learn, not just about the business, but also my own potential.

Where do you see your future with this company?
I can’t wait to become an owner so that not only can I use this skill-set every day and be successful, but I can develop more minds and help advance people through the program.

What has been your most favorite moment while working here?
My favorite moment that I have had while working here was my promotion to leadership. It really made me understand the growth and see that someone truly doesn’t just get to slide through the program. I feel like I worked hard to become a leader, and won’t take my foot off the gas!

What do you enjoy most about being part of this team?
I love the relationships that I have built with this team. We have such a professional vibe and work ethic, but we instill a family culture in our office and I think that is so important when trying to build people.

What makes your job so rewarding?
Understanding the opportunity and knowing that I am not here to punch a clock. I not only want to advance myself, but everybody in the company wants me to advance as well, and that to me is the most rewarding thing.