Thrive Events: Why Introverts Make Great Networkers


There are a lot of incorrect assumptions about networking, and one of them is that only extraverts are effective relationship-builders. Although being outgoing is helpful, our Thrive Events team knows introverts also have qualities that are conducive to successful networking. We’re happy to explore some of these characteristics here.

While extroverts are typically happy opening their arms to anyone, introverts tend to be relatively selective about the people to whom they reach out. They observe others and decide who they might be able to connect with in a meaningful way. This way, their efforts are targeted and yield the best possible outcomes.

Extraverted people usually process their thoughts by speaking, but introverts are most likely to think before they speak. Therefore, what they say is substantial and purposeful. At Thrive Events, we think this tendency allows them to make their expertise and intelligence clear to others. The most insightful people are likely to be drawn to them.

Introverted individuals are also cognizant of time. Being so deliberate in what they say, they rarely beat around the bush or waste a second of any interaction on meaningless small talk. On the other hand, they also understand the value of giving their time to others. They are highly skilled in the art of active listening, and happy to offer their undivided attention to new contacts.

We at Thrive Events hope you will embrace these introvert qualities. You’ll become a stronger networker in the process!