Thrive Events July Spotlight – Kaitlin!

Thrive Events is introducing our July Spotlight, Kaitlin!

1. What part of working at this company do you enjoy the most?

While working with Thrive Events, I have met so many fantastic leaders, customers, and mentors! Coming from a health insurance background I was behind a desk 40 hours a week with a routine schedule. However, at Thrive Events I have the opportunity to travel, coach, and constantly learn and develop myself. I believe that everyone you meet teaches you something no matter how big or small and I am grateful for all the amazing people in this company. We are all team players and want the success of each person we work with!

2. What have you learned from working at this company?

Working for this company is more than just working for any ordinary organization. Thrive Events challenges you to develop mentally, emotionally and physically in order to sculpt you into a business leader and partner. I have learned so much about myself, marketing techniques and developing relationships since starting this program. Thrive Events will give you the opportunity on how fast or slow you want to grow – the future is in your control!

3. Where do you see your future with this company?

My goal is to become an Account Executive within the future of this company. I have always enjoyed the retail world and was looking for a position to develop my leadership abilities. However, leadership comes from your own growth and development and if you are to succeed this must become a constant. My vision with the company is to become a catalyst that will inspire and develop others to grow their potential.

4. What has been your most favorite moment while working here?

All the laughs I’ve had. Working in the field has taught me not to take everything so seriously and to have fun! People noticed when you are being genuine and when you are not. Developing authentic relationships has been my favorite part so far in my journey here with the company.

5. What makes your job so rewarding?

Seeing myself develop and having a positive impact on others is what makes my job so rewarding.I am looking forward to the next chapters within this company. I enjoy being a part of this team and we are all so supportive of one another!