Thrive Events May Spotlight – Casey!

Thrive Events is introducing our May Spotlight, Casey!

1. What part of working at this company do you enjoy the most?

Honestly, the one part I love about working at this company is how quickly these people become such an important part of your life. Not only did I make business partners but I made “family” if you will. The companionship is a beautiful thing started from the top of the company all the way down to the bottom.

2. What have you learned from working at this company?

What haven’t I learned in this company? It’s like in a way I’ve become a whole new person. The way I think and act is very different. I have learned that no matter who you are and where you come from our opportunities are still the same. The tools that we are given to use are still the same. The only difference is how we choose to use them.

3. Where do you see your future with this company?

Where do I see myself in this company is very simple for me. I see myself following the same path as my mentors. Taking the same opportunity as they were given and crushing it as hard if not harder than them.

4. What has been your most favorite moment while working here?

Some of my favorite moments while working here has to come at some of these events. And some of the interesting people I’ve ever met. Which, not going to lie holds some of my least favorite moments as well.

5. What makes your job so rewarding?

What makes my job so awarding is how you can possibly impact some of these individuals lives in such a positive manner.