What to Ask to Find the Ideal Hires

Through the course of our continuing growth, we’ve streamlined our Thrive Events interviewing strategy. We want to find people with the right skills and experience, but we also need to identify the best fits for our unique work culture. With this in mind, we focus our questions on the following essential topics:

• Challenges Candidates Have Overcome: We set the bar high around the Thrive Events office, so we want to find aggressive achievers when interviewing for an opening. Knowing how a person deals with demanding obstacles gives us insight into his or her potential cultural fit.

• One Unique Skill: Finding the one skill that sets a person apart from the crowd is always one of our primary objectives in an interview. Of course, we make sure the answers we receive align with the specifics of the roles we’re trying to fill. General competence is always a positive, but we really want to find people with specialized skills.

• What Excites People: We want to know why candidates decided to apply to join our team, because we can’t train people to have enthusiasm. When we have a good idea of what motivates a person to do his or her best work, we feel more confident about making the right hiring decision.

These types of questions help us find the best possible additions to our team. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire