We’re Celebrating Shelby’s Graduation

There’s nothing better than to see our people succeed in achieving their goals. Today within the Thrive Events family, we’re celebrating Shelby, who just graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

As one of our associates, Shelby has a go-getter energy that is contagious around our Thrive Events office. We empower our people to reach for the next level and be the best they can be in all that they do. Shelby is a prime of example of this determination, as she worked to meet her professional goals while studying for her degree.

Our Thrive Events culture is built around a belief that we should continually learn and grow to better ourselves. We offer our people professional development opportunities that begin from the moment they join our firm. Our immersive coaching program provides individuals with one-to-one guidance that puts them on the path to be business experts. We offer our people personalized career paths that are suited to their level of ambition and aptitude. This approach is why we’re able to retain our talent base and continue to flourish.

In addition to our training, we encourage our associates to seek knowledge outside of our firm. From simple solutions, like using online learning tools and educational videos, to following the lead of our most accomplished people (like Shelby!), there are plenty of opportunities for our people to advance their skills and wisdom.

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