Director of Operations, Puneh N., Gave Key Note Speech at National Conference

Ten team members and our director of operations, Puneh N., attended a National Conference recently. While taking advantage of networking opportunities and learning better practices for their trade, team members also enjoyed the key note speech delivered by Puneh N. The presentation addressed strategies designed to help companies revamp their brands and reputations. She emphasized the importance of businesses setting goals and revenue targets to ensure their adaptation to the market as trends change.


Goal setting is the difference between remaining stagnant or realizing growth. Without innovation, businesses do not evolve and can eventually face a diminished role in their markets. Setting goals for business and professional development offers specific targets that allow for learning, development and innovation. Without achievement targets, there is no measurable baseline to determine whether a business is successfully promoting its brand.


Set goals and reassess them mid-year. Keep them clear and objective but also allow room for adjustment. Sometimes goals regarding new markets are not realistic at first and a mid-year evaluation can adjust it to an equally helpful but more realistic target. Part of growth is learning what does and does not work. Defining goals and making clear plans to achieve them will help determine if the company is on the right track.


Thrive Events sets goals and targets for its growth and ambition. The national conference was part of its team development goals as the networking and presentations are both learning experiences. Thrive Events is also proud of Puneh N. for giving the key note speech and exhibiting the knowledge and skills of this firm while team members expanded their education.