Common Elements of Great Job Interviews

When we evaluate potential additions to Team Thrive Events, there are a few things we always want to see and hear. Along with the right skills and qualifications, we’re most impressed by candidates who do the following things:

  • Explain Why They’re Good Fits: This doesn’t even have to relate specifically to our Thrive Events culture. When a candidate puts his or her unique talents into a compelling narrative form, we’re immediately more interested in that person. If interviewees are genuine about the things they’re passionate about, they make lasting positive impressions.
  • Ask Follow-Up Questions: It’s one thing for a candidate to ask an insightful question near the end of the interview, but it’s quite another to have that person listen to our response and follow up with another query. This shows us that the individual really cares about being the right fit.
  • Write a Thank You Note: Any time a candidate composes a thoughtful note of thanks after an interview, we’re impressed by the gesture. It’s even better when the person reiterates his or her unique talents while including some specific notes from our conversation. This indicates strong attention to detail and a real desire to leave a positive impression.

We’re always happy to see and hear these things from interviewees. For more on how we approach the hiring process, like Thrive Events on Facebook.