Excitement Is Building for R&R Trip

Rest and relaxation trips are among our most sought-after Thrive Events travel incentives. Right now, there’s a buzz throughout our office due to the upcoming third quarter R&R excursion. Puneh, our firm’s President, explained, “It was just revealed that this trip will take us to Las Vegas, so there’s a lot of excitement going around. This is going to be a memorable chance for us to have fun in the sun, network with influential professionals, and just enjoy each other’s company.”

It feels good to be part of an organization that values its team enough to offer all-expenses-paid retreats like the Las Vegas R&R. Not only do incentives like these push us to do our best every day, they also prove to us that our hard work is valued. Everyone wants to earn their way to every excursion, but just having the opportunity to do so keeps us engaged day in and day out.

Tighter team bonds are some of the biggest pluses of our travel events. Especially when we’re relaxing in an exotic locale, we get to know each other better on a personal level. Anything we can do to become a closer-knit group of professionals is a worthwhile pursuit, because we become more effective collaborators in the process.

Puneh added, “I also think it’s important for ambitious people to take a step back from their daily efforts on a regular basis. Getting away from the Thrive Events office allows our team members to look at ongoing projects and future objectives with fresh eyes. When they come back home, their plans tend to become a lot more focused and easier to turn into reality.”

The Las Vegas trip promises to be one of our best travel events yet. Like Thrive Events on Facebookfor updates on this excursion and all our team outings.