Festive Fall Gather – Team Night Encourages BYOP

CHANDLER, AZ – The team at Thrive Events prides itself on its company culture. The company partakes in at least 1 team activity a month. “Mandatory fun time,” emphasized the firm’s executive, jokingly. This month the team gathered for pumpkin carving potluck and shared more than just their favorite dish.
“I learned things about my teammates that I didn’t know prior to this team night! We share a lot of commonalities,” said Rachel, a campaign manager. Thrive Events looks for talented and passionate individuals who are interested in developing their professional skills, but when personal relationships start to form this is when a team really creates a bond.
This festive fall get together took place in Chandler, AZ at a campaign manager’s club house. The cool October evening in Arizona was the perfect setting for an outdoor potluck. The team was encouraged to bring their favorite dishes. “I really liked all the food, everyone really put thought into every dish,” stated Tayler. There were crock pots filled with savory dishes, plates of cookies and cakes, and even a station for Rootbeer floats.
“Everyone was welcoming to my family,” stated Larry, a campaign manager who brought his lovely wife and sweet daughters to meet the team. Thrive Events knows that it takes a village and when you spend as much time at work as you do at home you want your whole village to support you.
The only requirement to this event was BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin). Some were painted, some were carved, but all were an expression of who we are as individuals. “It was nice to tap into my inner child and carve a pumpkin. I didn’t remember how tedious it was,” stated Brittany, an executive of Thrive Events.
“The food and the company was my favorite part,” Jamie said. Their gatherings outside of HQ lead to close working relationships and even friendships that support a growing atmosphere.
Their team-based culture enables them to cultivate this environment through collaboration and continual advancement and learning whether this be at a team function or putting our heads together on the latest campaign. “Everyone was genuinely having fun,” explained Louise. “We are looking forward to building upon this inspirational atmosphere!”
Thrive Events, Inc. is the leader in the modern marketplace. The firm has built a reputation as a respected promotional leader by delivering high performing events for clients of all sizes from varying industries while mainlining a positive company culture internally.

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