Fundamentals of Charitable Giving

Through our Thrive Events commitment to giving, we’ve gained a lot of valuable experience in the social giving realm. We’ve learned some great ways to make an impact without breaking the bank, along with a few insights on promoting our giveback efforts. Here are a few key concepts we’ve applied time and again in our philanthropic pursuits:

• Making Giving Easy: We give people time to volunteer for causes about which they’re passionate. Members of Team Thrive Events contribute to a wide variety of worthy causes due to our commitment to making social impact as simple as possible.

• It Goes Beyond Money: You don’t have to commit a lot of money to social impact efforts. Collecting toy, food, and clothing donations around the office is a cost-effective way to make a difference, and it breeds stronger team morale at the same time. We’ve also found that nonprofits often need professional skills as much as money, so donating expertise is another ideal way to make a positive impact.

• Giving Deserves Promotion: We make sure to promote our giveback efforts through social media and our company website. People want to support companies that truly care, so we want consumers to know about all our giving events.

We keep these fundamental concepts in mind as we advance our commitment to giving. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire