How to Get Your Team Engaged in Giving Back

Supporting good causes is a cornerstone of the Thrive Events culture, so we do our best to provide giveback opportunities that our people will learn from and enjoy. Along the way, we’ve found the following strategies especially helpful in engaging our team members:

  • Find the Right Cause: We poll our associates to make sure our philanthropic pursuits align with their passions. If we can home in on causes that resonate with our people, we know we’ll make a bigger impact in the long run. We’ll also enjoy the process more and return to the office with a freshly inspired group.
  • Collaborate: One reason we’ve been able to make a difference in our community is our team’s knack for smooth collaboration. We know we’ll do more good if we pool our talents, so teamwork is a core element of our giving efforts. Our people get to know each other better in the process, learning about skills they didn’t know they had.
  • Do Research: We want to make sure any nonprofit we support has a strong reputation, which is why we use resources such as Charity Navigator to do our homework before every Thrive Events giveback pursuit. Doing so helps us determine how our financial donations will be applied or how many people will benefit from our volunteer work.

We apply these strategies to keep our people engaged in the giving process. Follow Thrive Events on Twitter for updates on our social impact exploits.