Highlighting Ashlyn, One of Our Interns

The Thrive Events internship program gives college students and new grads the chance to gain invaluable experience. Ashlyn is one of our current interns, and she shared her thoughts on what makes the program special.

Ashlyn explained, “I chose Thrive Events so I could have some real-world experience to put on my résumé before graduation. By being in the internship the last several weeks, I’ve learned that I fell in love with how the company creates an atmosphere of determination that its people use to thrive. I feel empowered through the program to take the reins of my career and reach my long-term aspirations.”

Working alongside a team with diverse talents has also made an indelible impact on Ashlyn. She remarked, “It’s such a fun environment in which to work and improve my professional abilities. By the end of the program I hope to have refined my networking skills and created concrete relationships with everyone on the team.”

Ashlyn has also made significant progress on the objectives she had coming into the internship. “I wanted to hold a leadership position and start building my team with individuals who are as determined as I am. I’ve learned a lot about how to do this, and I can’t wait to apply the insights I’ve gained as I move forward in my career.”

We’re excited to see what Ashlyn achieves through the rest of her internship experience. Learn more about how we prepare college students and recent graduates to thrive by visiting the Thrive Events Newswire.