Leadership Communication Enhancers

Being a strong communicator is essential if you want to excel as a business leader. We focus on communication skills in our Thrive Events training program with this in mind. The following strategies are key elements of effective leadership communication.

Asking the right questions is one thing leaders must do in order to get the best performances out of their team members. It’s the best way to spark meaningful discussions, especially with regard to how work processes might be improved. By understanding as much as possible about their people, great leaders leverage their unique talents.

It’s also important for managers to listen more than they speak. They know how important it is to gather input from the people around them, so elite leaders spend a lot of time listening to others’ ideas. We’ve adopted this approach, knowing that the more we consider other people’s opinions, the more we learn about our own.

Nonverbal communication is another vital consideration for leaders. Around the Thrive Events office, our managers use eye contact, warm smiles, and hand gestures to set the right tone of respect. All great leaders understand how these types of nonverbal communication affect their team members.

We keep these concepts in mind as we develop our management skills. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire