How to Make Learning a Constant Pursuit

Ongoing education is a hallmark of our Thrive Events culture. There are simple ways to become a constant learner, many of which we put into action around our office. Here are a few of the simplest and most effective ways to constantly build your knowledge base.

One of the best strategies for learning new things is to read outside your primary areas of interest. We challenge ourselves around Thrive Events HQ to explore topics that push us out of our comfort zones. As we do so, we discover new interests that we never knew we had.

It’s also a good idea to build relationships with intelligent, highly accomplished people as often as possible. We’ve found that learning is much easier when we surround ourselves with those who are smarter than we are, whether they become long-term mentors or not. Even if we don’t pick up new insights directly through these conversations, we get pointed in the right direction for advancing our development.

The wide world of podcasts also offers remarkable potential for continuing education. We listen to programs focused on politics, business, technology, and even pop culture to keep our minds engaged wherever we are. Our daily commutes have become much more interesting as a result.

We’re using these strategies to make every day a learning experience.