A Memorable Trip for High Achievers

We provide a range of travel incentives to keep everyone motivated around the Thrive Events office. An upcoming all-expenses-paid trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic will reward those who have been crushing their goals. The getaway is scheduled for August 13 to 16.

Team members selected to attend this excursion will get some needed rest and relaxation. They’ll also be able to forge connections with other top performers from all corners of our industry. There will be plenty of time for fun in the sun, but the professional development potential will be considerable.

There are also underrated benefits of travel that members of Team Thrive Events gain through their exploits. We encourage them to make the most of what a new place has to offer, from restaurants to natural wonders. When they do so, they return to the office freshly inspired to keep earning travel rewards.

We’ve seen the motivating power of travel incentives such as the Dominican Republic getaway. Our associates are adept at setting high benchmarks, but they gain extra inspiration when there’s a great incentive like this trip on the line. They also become more accountable for their progress, helping each other reach their objectives in the process.

We’re excited to find out who gets selected to venture out to the Dominican Republic. For more on our travel incentives, follow Thrive Events on Twitter.