How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking skills are vital to sustained success, but there is almost always some anxiety attached to giving a presentation in front of an audience. That’s why we share the following tips for confident speaking as part of the Thrive Events training program:

• Visualize Success: Before we step to the podium, we engage in a few minutes of positive visualization. The image of a successful presentation and how people will react to it helps us begin every speech with greater confidence.

• Practice, Practice, Practice: Nothing can beat practice when it comes to ensuring a successful speaking engagement. We use a range of methods to rehearse before we represent Thrive Events onstage, including capturing ourselves on video. Seeing our deliveries helps us iron out our nonverbal methods and overall posture. We also use our colleagues as audience member stand-ins so we gain their input as well.

• Focused Breathing: Before we take the stage, we take a few deep breaths to center ourselves. As we deliver our remarks, we’re also careful to build in some pauses that allow us to catch our breath. This has the added benefit of slowing down the pace of our speech, which helps our words resonate more with listeners.

These simple strategies help us give speeches with confidence. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire