Overlooked Career Skills That Fuel Growth

When it comes to advancing your career, there are certain skills and attributes that make huge impact. Here are a few underrated abilities we’re working to develop as we get closer to our ultimate Thrive Events career goals.

The ability to accept input from others and apply it to your professional growth speeds career advancement. We seek out the fresh perspectives that come with feedback from our Thrive Events colleagues and supervisors. After all, our strengths and weaknesses may not be as apparent to us as they are to those who spend time with us every day.

We make adjustments through the course of our biggest projects because we track our progress. Being accountable for our own results in this way powers us toward constant improvement. We consistently push ourselves beyond our current skill sets, so it pays to be accountable for what we’re achieving. By keeping track of our progress, we can also measure how our overall professional abilities are growing.

Sustaining success requires making time for strong focus, so we carve out windows throughout the day for checking email and other potential distractions. The more time we have for focused effort, the better equipped we are to reach our biggest goals.

We’re refining these skills with steady career advancement in mind. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire