PRESS RELEASE: Thrive Events Attends Industry Networking Conference

TEMPE, AZ – Team members from Thrive Events recently attended a networking conference. The firm’s President discussed the event and how travel factors into the company’s development program.

During a recent networking conference, members of Team Thrive Events had the chance to take big steps forward in their professional development. Puneh, the firm’s President, explained, “Our top performers were selected to attend this event, which was held in Dallas, Texas. Having the chance to network with seasoned industry leaders made the trip a worthwhile investment of time and resources.”

The contacts added during the conference will serve team members in a variety of ways. Along with being reliable sources of valuable insights, the new entries on Thrive Events contact lists offer potential for future business opportunities.

Those who were chosen to represent Thrive Events in Dallas were the high achievers from the office. Puneh remarked, “Attending a huge conference like this says a lot about a team member. Being selected means a person has shown a strong work ethic and dedication to reaching ambitious goals. We recognize excellent performance, so attaching a rewarding travel event to our recognition efforts is a no-brainer.”

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the trip throughout the Thrive Events office. The President added, “From announcing who would be attending right through to all the in-depth training received and connections made during the event, the Dallas trip has been a major topic of conversation in our office. This kind of travel opportunity gives our team a huge advantage, so we’re lucky to have these kinds of resources for our team.”

Thrive Events’ President on the Firm’s Commitment to Professional Development

“Our training program is designed to give team members in-depth experience in a range of essential business processes,” Puneh stated. “Participants gain knowledge on all aspects of customer service and marketing, but they also learn best practices in hiring, interviewing, and retention. Every one of our branding experts is prepared to handle various administrative and human resources tasks.”

Preparing people for long-term success doesn’t stop with the immersive initial training program. Puneh commented, “Our goal is to continue learning new things every day. That’s why travel events such as the networking conference in Dallas are so important to our team. Our branding experts get the opportunity to take what they’re learning through our training sessions and discuss it in a completely new setting. They refine their understanding just by bouncing ideas off high-achieving peers from all across the industry.”

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