Thrive Events Promotes Key Contributor

PHOENIX, AZ – The executives at Thrive Events recently announced the promotion of one of their top performers to a leadership position. The firm’s president outlined the responsibilities associated with this role.

“On behalf of the executive team at Thrive Events, I am pleased to announce the promotion of Sarah L. to a management position,” she said. “Since joining the company, Sarah has proven to be a vital member of the team. We are looking forward to her role as a leader in our organization.”

Over a short period of time, Sarah completed a rigorous training program to prepare her for her new position. “At Thrive Events, we are focused on career development,” she said “We promote our associates based on their performance, not on the amount of time on the job.”

The management training program requires individuals to organize and execute a range of sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, they must become experts in customer service techniques and internal processes. “Basically, our curriculum is an intensive course on how the business is run. Sarah is a natural fit for this job,” she added.

In addition to the practical duties, associates are also taught the intangible skills effective leaders must possess. “Being a manager is more than telling people what to do. You must motivate and encourage people to win.” she said. The firm offers a one-on-one coaching program that pairs ambitious individuals like Sarah with seasoned executives. “The only way you learn to handle the challenges of leading a team is through practice,” she added. “When you have an experienced hand to guide you, it’s inspiring.”

Thrive Events’ President Highlights Management Responsibilities

The executives rely on their managers to lead a diverse team. “Many of our managers have groups that are situated across multiple locations,” she said. “Therefore, our leaders need to know how to work with teams that have flexible schedules and a variety of roles. In addition, there are cross-functional meetings, and communications with customers that must be overseen.”

“Additionally, we expect our leaders to be strategic thinkers,” she added. “One of Sarah’s duties is to identify markets where Thrive Events can flourish.” Managers are expected to network with industry leaders and customers to identify emerging trends and new demographics. “It’s critical for us to have a pulse on the marketplace so we can anticipate the needs of our customers,” she added.

She is upbeat about Sarah’s future at Thrive Events. “Individuals such as Sarah add inspiration to the entire firm,” she said. “She is a driven professional who has a bright future ahead of her. We are looking forward to her achievements as a leader in our organization. Better yet, our customers will benefit from her talent and hard work.”

About Thrive Events

Thrive Events, Inc. is a goal-oriented provider of dynamic promotions that are tailored for the modern marketplace. Through cutting-edge research techniques and competitive creativity, their executives deliver unconventional, flawlessly-executed promotions that generate rapid, measurable results. The firm has built a reputation as a respected promotional leader by delivering high-value returns for clients of all sizes from varying industries. A commitment to core values has separated them from the competition, and they continue to help their clients expand their market influence through inspired and imaginative initiatives. Thrive Events, Inc. is poised for expansion and looks boldly toward a bright future fueled by innovation.

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