Thrive Events Takes Part in 5K Run Against Cancer

PHOENIX, AZ – Thrive Events was represented at a recent 5K that raised funds to fight cancer. The firm’s President discussed this event and shared her thoughts on the business benefits of social responsibility.

Thrive Events team members are always looking for new ways to support good causes. Puneh, the firm’s President, explained, “Giving back is a core principle of our company culture, and our people get inspired when they help those in need. One of our team members recently participated in the AZ Cancer Village Fun Run, which raised money for local cancer support nonprofits.” Britt represented Thrive Events at the fundraiser, and she was proud to run the race.

Britt commented, “It was a beautiful early autumn day at Steel Indian School Park, and the 5K went off without a hitch. My goal was to finish in 40 minutes, and I did! I will definitely take part next year, and I hope our entire Thrive Events team will do so as well.” Britt has a special source of inspiration for participating in events like the fun run. She explained, “My aunt lost her cancer battle in 2012 and I miss her every day. It was important for me to run for her, for everyone who can’t run, and for those who are affected by this disease.”

The event also featured local craft vendors, food trucks, and live music. Puneh added, “I expect our team to make the AZ Cancer Village Fun Run & Festival an annual pursuit, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.”

Thrive Events’ President Outlines the Commercial Benefits of Social Responsibility

There are intangible rewards that come with giving back, and they can’t be overstated. “Our associates feel a unique sense of satisfaction after they contribute to a great cause,” the President remarked. “These good feelings lend an extra bit of motivation and a fresh perspective on the meaning of their work. I also think our associates have more pride in our company through our many giveback pursuits.”

Puneh and the rest of the Thrive Events leadership group also understand that giving back offers commercial benefits. The President stated, “Consumers want to support companies that take a real interest in social issues. Our commitment to philanthropy shows people that we live out our core values, and they appreciate the fact that we really care.”

Positive publicity also emerges from social giving, and Thrive Events has earned its reputation as a caring industry leader. “Consumers know we take social issues seriously, and it helps them trust in our larger mission,” the President concluded.

About Thrive Events, Inc.

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