How to Put Volunteer Work on Your Résumé

Our Thrive Events giveback events provide many benefits for people and organizations in need, while boosting team morale at the same time. When we interview potential additions to our team, we want to know that they’re committed to making a positive impact on the world just as we are. Here are a couple of ways you can highlight volunteer experiences on your résumé to become more attractive to prospective employers.

It’s a good idea to have a separate section for community service on your CV. Doing some research on the company you want to join makes this strategy even better, because you can tailor your résumé for greater impact. By including volunteer events that align with the company’s core values, you separate yourself from other interviewees.

You should also think about how your volunteering relates to the position you want to occupy. When we interview candidates to join Team Thrive Events, we want to know what types of lessons they’ve learned through their careers and their giving exploits. If you can relate the skills you’ve picked up during charitable efforts to the duties of the job you want, you’ll put yourself in prime position to be hired.

Putting these strategies to use will help any jobseeker make a stronger case for him or herself. Find more of our insights into the value of charitable giving by following Thrive Events on Twitter.