Recent Accomplishments and New Goals

It’s been a busy time around the Thrive Events office, with our team achieving many big goals. Puneh, our President, explained, “We’ve been focused on developing a sharper team focus, and it’s become contagious around our workspace. Not only have we added to our portfolio of brands, we’ve also picked up a new retailer and just promoted an assistant manager in the office!”

We’re not ready to slow down, even with these recent accomplishments in the rearview mirror. Our President added, “We want to continue riding this momentum. Our primary focus now is to develop our next two Thrive Events managers in the next six months.”

Goal setting is essential because it allows a team to keep moving forward even as it achieves major victories. It’s not enough to reach a certain level of success and stay there; you must aim even higher so you don’t lose ground in a competitive market. Puneh stated, “Going through your day, week, month, or year without a goal is like playing basketball without a hoop. You have to have something to shoot for and something to keep you focused! Going through the motions, even when you’ve attained an enviable level of success, will lead to losses in the long run.”

We’re committed to pursuing fresh objectives as we continue to build our reputation. Learn more about our emphasis on goal setting by following Thrive Events on Twitter.