Our Regular Team Engagements

We’re big believers in the value of team-building events around the Thrive Events office. “Our team gathers regularly just to have fun and learn more about each other,” stated Puneh, our firm’s President. “As we continue to strengthen the bonds among our brand managers, it feels more and more like we’re working with a big group of friends. We’re completely comfortable just spending time together away from the office, which makes our collaboration on major projects even more effective.”

Summer is an especially fun time for our team events. Puneh added, “In June, we all played baseball and had a picnic at the park. It was an ideal way for us to hang out with our families and enjoy the great Arizona outdoors. We’re all looking forward to a long summer filled with group activities.”

Regular team outings help develop stronger communication throughout our organization. Puneh remarked, “The more we learn about the positive traits and unique talents we have under the Thrive Events roof, the better equipped we are to work together to find innovative solutions. Something as simple as discussing what’s working well during a team dinner gives us all fresh perspectives on the value of our work. We come back to the office newly inspired to contribute to every live marketing promotion.”

It’s going to be a fun summer for everyone on Team Thrive Events. Check out our Newswireto stay up to date on our group outings.