Simple Tips for a Productive Commute

There’s really no reason that a daily commute has to be time wasted. We’re doing our best to make our trips to and from the Thrive Events office as productive as possible. Here are the simple strategies we’re putting to use in order to do so.

Inspirational books are ideal companions for the time we spend in transit. Audiobooks make it easy for those of us who drive to get inspired, enlightened, and entertained on the way to the office. We engage in both personal and professional development by gathering insights from accomplished authors.

We’ve also taken a deep dive into the world of podcasts here at Thrive Events HQ. Through our explorations, we’ve learned that there’s an engaging program for virtually any interest. Whether we want to sharpen our marketing skills, learn about emerging technology, or just have a good laugh, there’s a podcast to suit our needs.

Getting organized is also something we do with our commute time, both on the way to work and at the end of the day. In the mornings, we refine our to-do lists so we can get off to a productive start once we reach the office. After the workday, we reflect on what we accomplished and begin setting our priorities for a productive tomorrow.