Tech Tools That Aid Charitable Giving

We’ve maintained a commitment to giving through every stage of growth Thrive Events has achieved. Through our efforts, we’ve learned there are lots of tech resources that can streamline charitable giving. Here are a few simple tools we use to make sure we’re making a positive impact on the causes we support.

When it comes to researching nonprofits we want to help, there are several good options. Guidestar.org has become our go-to around the Thrive Events office, simply due to its ease of use. We can view IRS forms to gain insight into how an organization applies the contributions it receives. It’s important to us that whatever donations we offer will be applied as directly as possible to those in need.

Pledgeling.com is an innovative social network for philanthropists at all levels. We’ve found it helpful in tracking our donations and gaining insights on effective giving from advanced contributors. It also allows users to centralize all their giving in one place, which is helpful when you’re supporting several different causes throughout the year.

We’re also intrigued by the concept of impact lending, which allows small donations to provide capital to founders in remote areas. Kiva.org is an impact lending site with the mission of alleviating poverty wherever possible. So far, the organization has made more than $700 million in life-changing loans.

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