Thrive Events April Spotlight – Dustin!

Thrive Events is introducing our April spotlight, Dustin!

1. What part of working at this company do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the fun atmosphere of this team and the support I receive to achieve my goals.

2. What have you learned from working at this company?

While working with Thrive, I’ve learned that keeping a positive attitude is the key to success.

3. Where do you see your future with this company?

I see myself competing with other offices in the future … After I earn my own of course!

4. What has been your most favorite moment while working here?

My favorite moment while working here so far has been when I first taught back a system. Just the positive vibes and high fives motivated me to go further

5. What do you enjoy most about being part of this team?

The thing I enjoy most about working here is that everyone is so selfless and cares so much about working to improve not only themselves but everyone else around them.

6. What makes your job so rewarding?

This job is so rewarding because its required to have a good attitude. Who wants a bad attitude anyway?