Thrive Events February Spotlight – Lovesac!

Thrive Events is introducing our February spotlight, Lovesac! We are featuring a client this time.

1. Who is the client?

Lovesac is “The World’s Most Adaptable Couch.” 

2. What will Thrive Events provide for this client?

Thrive Events is taking modular furniture bringing and it into a big box retailer. The familiarity of the name may be there, but we are putting story behind the brand and getting it exposed to thousands of consumers daily. 

3. What does the future look like for this client?

The next executives are currently being trained to take on this client portfolio and expand into other markets. Thrive wants everyone to know and Love…. sacs.

4. Client success story:

Our campaign manager Hannah has been working closely with this launch and shares her most memorable moment.
“During our Tucson launch, I had this awesome family buy a sactional bundle and I built such a good relationship with them they actually came all the way down to one of my local (Phoenix) shows and bought 2 more sacs. That was the first real time I saw somebody follow my show and that really helped me switch my mentality to build even more relationships.”


With the aid of Thrive Events, clients like Lovesac are seeing unbelievable results, quality relationships with their consumers, and an incomparable ROI!
Learn more about the client on their website: https://www.lovesac.com/
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