Thrive Events Inc. Announces Expansion into Orange County

As a company that continually strives to innovate and succeed, Thrive Events Inc. is excited to announce its new market in Orange County. Our reputation as a marketing firm that can get results through our commitment to designing interactive campaigns has allowed us to rapidly expand our client portfolio. As a result, there is an ever-increasing demand for our services and for our company to expand into new markets.

 At the Orange County location, we already have several campaigns lined up for launch as soon as the new branch has been fully established. As such, this is a busy time for our executives. Fortunately, the new office will be headed by Kelsey, who brings her incredible experience, track record, and leadership skills to the new professional challenge. She welcomes the opportunity to branch out into a new area, and we are confident that she will help take our company to new heights.

As the head of the new branch, Kelsey will be responsible for running campaigns, conducting demographic research and creating marketing strategies for each of our new clients, overseeing multiple accounts, and leading team development and training. It is sure to be a time of hard work and growth for Kelsey and all the members of the Orange County team.

At Thrive Events Inc., we are always looking for the next mountain to climb. Our ability to meet new challenges is part of what makes us successful in this industry. We look forward to our new adventure, and will certainly keep you updated on all our accomplishments in this new region.