Why Thrive Events, Inc. Competes with Indeed’s Top Job Seekers

TEMPE, AZ – Thrive Events, Inc. remains prideful in its local small business love, but competes with top companies when it comes to recruiting the leading talent. Indeed.com recently released a blog stating the “20 hottest companies averaging the highest amount of actual job-seeker interest for all job titles.” Although the results are not surprising, their factors are comparable to the reviewed culture at Thrive Events.

The article states the main qualities candidates consider when applying to a position are: “the ability to perform meaningful or innovative work, high wages, flexible conditions and the potential for career growth opportunities.” Human Resource Director, Gabrielle agrees that Thrive Events provides these advantages and more.

“Our clients come to us because we don’t do what the typical marketing firm does, we pride ourselves in the trust we gain not only with our clients, but our team too. Marketing and sales are naturally competitive industries and we match that by providing opportunities for bonuses, paid travel in and out of the Phoenix area, and daily mental challenges.”

Indeed.com’s list is summarized by tips these top companies are using to attract their next business partners and advice companies everywhere can apply to their next recruit. Thrive Events believes they have been applying these cultural techniques since their firm was founded: “Respond to everyone, write like a human, be transparent, and get creative about benefits,” are the tips offered by the blog.

Gabrielle responds to these statements individually allowing our clients, retailers, and potential business partners to be transparent towards our ethics. “Our creative director recently added a survey to our application process to ensure we not only respond to everyone but can learn from each and every candidate experience and review. We providing blogs, magazines, and content that is written by us and for us, we know how to recognize and respond to our audience. Finally, we are creative in our benefits by provide unique opportunities. Thrive Events provides paid training, hands on learning, partnerships with mentors, as well as  cultural community activities and health and fitness challenges.”

You can read more the entire article from indeed here.

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