Thrive Events March Spotlight – Sara!

Thrive Events is introducing our March Spotlight, Sara!

1. What part of working at this company do you enjoy the most?

My favorite part of working at this company is really the team atmosphere and how literally every single person is more than happy to help and support each other. Plus there’s always at least one dog around the office.

2. What have you learned from working at this company?

I’ve learned how to ask for help, how to work smarter instead of harder, how to not be afraid to fail sometimes, plus how to be okay with waking up before the sun.

3. Where do you see your future with this company?

In this company, I see myself taking over my own client portfolio, opening my own office (hopefully somewhere pretty sweet), and constantly learning something new every day. 

4. What has been your most favorite moment while working here?

My favorite moment while working here would probably have to be when I went to Dallas for the top leaders meeting. It really opened my eyes to just how amazing this opportunity we’re presented is. It’s one thing to hear about it, it’s another to actually meet people from all across the country working towards the same thing.

5. What do you enjoy most about being part of this team?

What I enjoy most about being part of this team is how everyone is so supportive, driven, and goal-oriented. It’s inspiring.

6. What makes your job so rewarding?

What makes my job so rewarding is that I constantly am learning something new and getting just that 1% better every day. Plus the people I work with are pretty great.