PRESS RELEASE: Thrive Events Is Preparing for Exciting New Campaign

TEMPE, AZ – Thrive Events’ President outlined a new campaign and the training that goes along with it. She also discussed how setting aggressive growth goals is a key element in the firm’s continuing success.

Achieving endless growth is the ultimate goal of the Thrive Events leadership team. Puneh, the firm’s President, stated, “We’re always pursuing an exciting new venture. Right now, we’re getting ready for a new home services campaign that will connect consumers with everything from HVAC specialists to custom cabinet makers. Emily, one of our assistant managers, will have the opportunity to attend a training session on this campaign.”

During her training, Emily will receive hands-on education from accomplished experts. The company President added, “If she can succeed in learning these new marketing techniques and train new people accordingly, Emily will be able to grow into a new market. This is a great example of how the Thrive Events commitment to professional development leads to consistent expansion.”

Ongoing training is a core Thrive Events value, which is why Puneh has so much confidence in the new home services campaign. She commented, “I’m ready to watch Emily make the most of the training she receives, because I’ve already seen her do so in our office. We provide hands-on learning and classroom-style programs for our team members, along with plenty of encouragement in the process. Our brand ambassadors are well prepared for the growth opportunities that come with new campaigns.”

Thrive Events’ President on the Importance of Setting Clear Goals

Goal setting is a focal point in the Thrive Events training program, both for new hires and seasoned associates. “It’s essential that we keep aiming higher,” the company President said. “Even when things are going very well, we don’t waste time resting on our laurels. We know our competitive industry demands that we keep setting the bar higher. Our team members have no problem doing so, which Emily is currently proving by tackling the emerging campaign.”

Making sure that objectives are clear is just as important as how aggressive they are. With well-formed goals, it’s easier to visualize success in the long run. Puneh added, “We encourage our promotional experts to home in on the exact results they want to achieve. When they do so, they can start creating action steps that get them closer to the ultimate outcome. Perhaps more importantly, they can measure their progress and adjust as needed. It’s easy to stay motivated when you know exactly what you need to do to reach the next level.”
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