Try Thrive Events’ Interview Recommendations

It’s easy to find interview advice in just about every corner of the internet. The availability of so many resources is almost overwhelming. Our Thrive Events team has combed through an abundance of these materials, and we’ve concluded that nothing is more valuable to the success of an interview than the very basics.

Start by reframing your nervousness; instead of looking at it as a bad thing, treat it as an excess of energy to channel into your preparation. For instance, we at Thrive Events suggest that you jot down some points you’d like to address during the interview. Then practice them out loud while looking in a mirror. Soon you will be ready to have a friend conduct a mock interview with you. Whatever you do, avoid using a full script instead of talking points. That may lead to you sounding inauthentic.

It’s also important to bring some of your own questions to the interview. Make sure they are insightful because you don’t want to inquire about anything you could easily pick up on the company’s website. Your willingness to learn more will show the hiring manager that you are eager for the opportunity.

Beyond these efforts, we recommend that you focus on likeability. It’s a matter of firm handshakes, warm smiles, and lots of eye contact. At Thrive Events, we guarantee that these activities will position you as a top-flight candidate for the position.

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