Two Standouts Lead an Exciting New Venture

We’re growing once again here at Thrive Events, adding a new company to our portfolio. This exciting brand offers smart home technology, including thermostats that can lock doors, turn off lights, and arm alarm systems. Two of our outstanding team members, Rachel and Rachael, are spearheading this venture.

Puneh, our firm’s President, remarked, “These two top performers have really established themselves in our office. Rachael has a very goal-oriented mind-set. She’s also a single mom, with her daughter serving as her biggest source of inspiration. Rachael has a real talent for balancing professional and family life, as well as solid communication skills that help her troubleshoot any problems. When it comes to adopting new processes, she’s adept at pointing out areas that need to be streamlined.”

Rachel brings a great deal of empathy to her work, which makes her an ideal trainer for new additions to Team Thrive Events. Puneh added, “She can explain things to different types of thinkers, making our onboarding process that much easier. Rachel has also proven to be selfless in terms of helping others. She’s accountable not only to her own goals but to assisting others in their pursuits as well.”

With Rachael and Rachel at the helm, our new venture with a top name in smart home technology is sure to be a success. Check out the Thrive Events Newswire for updates on this exciting campaign.