Underrated Strategies for Memorable Speeches

We’re working to become expert public speakers around the Thrive Events office. We take advantage of opportunities to present at industry events because we know delivering memorable speeches is a powerful way to advance our careers. Here are a few solid but underrated public speaking techniques we’ve learned through our experiences.

The power of silence is one concept we’ve embraced in our efforts to become stronger presenters. When we take a breath during a speech, we get a moment to collect our thoughts. We also use pauses to emphasize key points so our listeners will remember them. Even a few seconds of silence will make the sentence that follows more powerful.

We remind ourselves to use simple language when we speak on behalf of Thrive Events. Audiences appreciate it when we steer clear of industry-specific phrases or buzzwords, especially if they don’t work in the same business. We make it our mission to say what needs to be said using the most concise language at our disposal.

Telling a memorable story is another way we make lasting impressions on listeners when we’re onstage. Whatever type of anecdote we share, we try to include as many details as possible. We often use this technique at the beginning of our presentations to capture our listeners’ attention right off the bat.

These practices help us leave lasting impressions on audience members every time we step up to the podium. Check out the Thrive Events Newswire for more of our best presenting tips.