What We’re Thankful for This Year

Thankfulness in the workplace has been linked to higher job satisfaction and stronger overall performance. With that in mind, we give our people plenty of chances to express their gratitude around the Thrive Events office, including the following grateful thoughts from some of our team members.

Lindsie is especially thankful for the opportunity to grow as a member of Team Thrive Events. She explained, “I’ve needed trustworthy people in my life, and I’m finally surrounded by support and trust here. I’m learning how much I like getting out of my comfort zone, which is helping me make steady progress toward my biggest professional aspirations. I’m also very grateful for my wonderful partner Kiel and for my son, who has completely changed my life with unconditional love!”

Gemma is thankful for having taken the leap to move from Illinois to Arizona and join our organization. Jamie A. is grateful for the chance to think more ambitiously and create the future she’s always wanted with our company. Sesily is happy to say thank you for her supportive family, new friends, and exciting adventures.

Allyson has several significant reasons to show gratitude this year. She remarked, “I got the chance to move across the country and live with two of my best friends. I got a job I love and I’m starting a life of my own that I’ve always wanted. My family has supported me through this and I really couldn’t be any more thankful!”

It’s a time of gratitude here at Thrive Events HQ. Check out our [Newswire] to learn more about what our people are thankful for as they grow their careers